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Phone: +30 6944 205 278

Greek Office: 4 Ekatis, Chios, 82100

UK Office: 1 Edward Street, Bristol 

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The situation in Greece

At a critical crossing point for asylum seekers from Turkey, Greece continues to host tens of thousands of asylum seekers and refugees. 

On the Aegean, refugee continue to arrive daily on unsafe, rubber boats. Once here, they face months in atrocious camp for their asylum interviews.

On the mainland, inadequate social services, unemployment, and a lack of integration keep thousands out of the system, facing huge challenges to starting a new life.

What we do

Action for Education is a volunteer-run NGO, registered in Greece and in the UK, working alongside refugee communities on the Greek islands and mainland.

We host spaces that engage in lifelong learning through creativity, community and choice to support people whose basic human rights are not being met.

In Chios, Samos and Athens, our centres provide education programmes, basic services and safe spaces for women, children and youth.

Read our story here.

Supporting our work

A small but growing non-profit, read about our work in our Quarterly Reports, follow us on Facebook, or visit our news section.

If you're a committed teacher or social worker, volunteer and join our teams on the ground in Greece.

As a 100% volunteer-run organisation, we rely on donations and support to keep our education, nutrition, sanitation and psychosocial programmes running. Donate and support our work today.

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