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Chios Voices is a media project launched in February 2017, hosting an online platform for the creative and critical reflections of refugee children and youth on Chios Island. 

In the belief that those best suited to shine a light on migration are refugees themselves, Chios Voices publishes poetry, prose, art, opinion, photography and video made by young writers and artists. In conjunction with Refugee Education Chios, teenagers pursue journalism and art courses, developing vocational skills that empower them to respond personally to their own situation.

Working with translators and graphic designers from around the world, the Chios Voices project also seeks to establish a network of creative responses to the work of refugee students on Chios. To those confined on the island Chios, these digital and artistic responses are important, rare interactions with the outside world.

Publishing in English, Greek, Arabic and Farsi, we are building a global audience that is engaged and informed by refugee students on Chios. An alternative media platform to mainstream publications, we value the independence and individuality of our contributors and maintain a high ethical standard. 



  1. To platform creative and critical reflection on the refugee crisis by communities directly affected by it.
  2. To support writers and artists from refugee communities with training programmes and support.
  3. To create an international advocacy platform covering the refugee crisis in an ethical and consistent manner.
  4. To build partnerships with media platforms with the aim of growing our reach and readership.