What is action for education?

Action For Education is a grassroots organisation that establishes, supports and consults on the development of projects that promote and fulfill the right to education for refugee  communities.

The organisation aims to:

  1. Establish small to medium-sized projects that use education as a catalyst for individual and community growth

  2. Develop advocacy platforms that magnify the voices of our participants

  3. Build networks for change by supporting and connecting volunteer and non-volunteer organisations and building their capacity




why chios?


Since 2015, Chios has been a crucial way-station in the journeys of tens of thousands of refugees. Passing through Turkey, then crossing the short straits to the island, it's one of the closest access points to Europe.

In May 2016, the EU-Turkey deal changed the situation. Rather than passing through the island, those already there - and those arriving - became trapped. Unable to continue to mainland Greece and unwilling to return to Turkey, formal and non-formal camps sprung up to cater for the thousands caught there. 

NGOs and the government mobilised themselves to respond. Refugee Education Chios was one of these actors. Believing that every child has a right to access education, we set-up schools and a youth centre for these children and young adults. 

We remain the largest non-formal education service for refugees on the island, where over 1500 refugees aged 22 and under remain.


where do volunteers stay?



Action for Education rents three apartments in the centre of Chios town. Volunteers stay in shared accommodation, usually in bunk beds with four to a room. 

We have a dedicated team from all around the world. Fostering team spirit, resolve and a culture of sharing is key. 

In the apartments, we each contribute €15 a week and use this to cook together, thus keeping costs as low as possible.


How long can i come for?


We ask volunteers to commit to at least 6 weeks on Chios. We find this to be the minimum to properly engage with the project. 
Providing as much stability for our students and beneficiaries is important not only for the provision of education at a consistently high level, but also the social and psycho-social support of students attending the schools.


Yes, you can! We are looking for enthusiastic and committed volunteers from around the world. You can help us in many ways:

1. As a remote translator (Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Pashto, Aramaic, French, Spanish).
2. Be an Action for Education: help us spread the word and advocate for the rights of refugees. Send us an email.
3. Are you a teacher? Help us create engaging and appropriate resources for use in refugee contexts.
4. Sponsor a volunteer. A small monetary contribution can support a trained and experienced volunteer to stay long on our project.

can I volunteer remotely?





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