Volunteer online with us: announcing new remote roles!


We’re excited to announce 6 new positions open to online volunteers. You can help us continue our work with asylum seekers in Greece by volunteering a couple of hours each week remotely.

You’ll join our dedicated team of international volunteers standing up for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

Read more about the roles below. Send us an email and your CV stating which role you would like to apply for by 31st January 2019.

Email: volunteer@actionforeducation.co.uk.

  1. Grant Researcher and Writer
    Crucial to the long-term sustainability of our projects, we’re looking for one or more experienced grant writers to join our team. This is truly important work, requiring attention to detail, a flair for clarity of expression, as well as patience and hard work. Find out more.

  2. Community Outreach Officer
    Be a recognised ambassador for AFE in your local area and work closely with us to host events, engage your local community, and advocate for the rights of marginalised groups. A role requiring creativity, a love of public communication, digital skills and a shared belief in promoting access to education and safety for all. Find out more.

  3. Advocacy and PR Officer
    Our digital presence is fundamental to our work: ensuring donors and supporters have easy access to project-based information as well as providing clear briefings on developments in global migration issues. A role requiring a high competency in research and analysis as well as in social media. Find out more.

  4. Design and Digital Officer
    How we portray our work has a huge impact on the support we receive around the world. We’re looking for someone with a background in design, as well as experience working with digital software, to support us in developing our organisation’s identity. Find out more.

  5. Schools Outreach Officer
    We’re looking for a number of Schools Outreach Officers to work to bring a greater awareness of refugee experiences and our work to schools and universities. A role comprising curriculum development as well as implementation and evaluation, this is part of an exciting new programme to engage and educate students in key matters. Find out more.

  6. Partnerships Intern
    A position with a clear aim: to establish exciting new partnerships with businesses to promote our work and raise funds towards our projects. Requiring innovative thinking, independence and a strong belief in our cause. Find out more.

Our Plans for 2019

Copy of 2019 (1).png

To our supporters, volunteers, donors, participants and friends,

As we say goodbye to 2018, we are writing to offer our thanks and to share with you some exciting programme developments for 2019.

One year ago, Action for Education was established to continued the day-to-day runnings of our Refugee Education Chios project. It has been a year of change, of new directions, of broadening horizons and of remarkable achievements. We are proud of what we have been able to provide for hundreds of refugee women and youth.

The past year has seen all our institutions at full capacity, the development of a strong community teacher training scheme, closer relations than ever before with other actors and the local community, a blossoming partnership with Action for Women and a total of 25,000 visits to our safe spaces and education programmes across Greece.

But for much of this year, we’ve also worked towards an end. In July, we faced closure. With no funding to continue our response to an ongoing educational and social crisis, this December was to be the end. But after months of talks, strategy meetings and project re-evaluations, it is with great delight that we are not only in a position to continue our important work next year, but to reach more people, in more locations, with more experience and vigour than ever before.

This is thanks to your support. Since November, we’ve been furiously fundraising to ensure our projects continue where they are needed most, and that we have the capacity to fill gaps as they arise in timely, professional and appropriate ways. We have publicly fundraised over £30,000, an inspiring sum. We are in conversation with trusted, generous organisations, individuals and foundations and we are confident of their further support.

And because of this, we are excited to share our latest news with you.

On Chios, we are delighted to welcome new volunteers and coordinators to the team. With their energy, dedication and broad skill-sets, Refugee Education Chios will continue to provide the essential education programmes and safe spaces that have been running uninterrupted since May 2016.

Over the past month, we have thoroughly remodelled our budget so that going ahead we can continue to stretch every donated cent as far as possible. In real terms, this means a substantial reduction of our costs on Chios, brought about by renegotiations in existing contracts, cost-saving initiatives across the board, and a new space for our Learning Centre from February 2019. We will retain the same capacity, ensuring refugee youth have the same vital access to our services up to 5 times a week.

This cost-saving has a profound impact on our country-wide operations too. We are now in a position to announce that from late January we will be commencing a new emergency response to dire conditions on the island of Samos. On a recent visit there, we were appalled by the lack of education provision and safety for youth. With over 4500 asylum seekers living in a camp for just 650, and with adequate structural changes far from sight, we are returning to the very roots that brought us to Chios: providing emergency responses where needed most. Drawing on our team’s extensive experience working on Chios, a core team will relocate to Samos early this year and establish a Youth Centre to provide psychosocial support for young asylum seekers on the island. We are looking right now for urgent support for this new project. Please help if you can.

Off the islands, we are delighted to announce a continuation in our special partnership with Action for Women in delivering the education programme of their Athens Women’s Centre: The Halcyon Days. Over the next six months, we will work to strengthen and consolidate our successes and build the capacity of this education provision, empowering female asylum seekers to develop and discover new skills that will assist them in integration, further education and work opportunities in Greece.

Finally, drawing on our experiences in Athens, we are today announcing our intentions to open another new project for 2019. We recognise that for many asylum seekers on the islands, Athens is a symbol of hope. But the reality falls far short of the expectation. Athens remains unsafe, unnavigable and unempowering for many refugee youth who struggle to integrate into a dense urban context. In response to this, from mid-2019, we are working hard to open a new Athens Youth Centre that will develop key skills, confidences and languages of teenagers and young adults, assisting them in securing vocational and educational opportunities.

So it is that with a busy year behind us, we look forward to an even busier year ahead. To achieve this, we will continue to need and value your support. As the crisis in Greece reaches its fourth year, we remain determined that as many women and youth as possible have access to professional and specialised education services.

You can continue to support our work next year by setting up a monthly or one-off donation. It is your generosity that keeps our volunteer teams on the ground, keeps our buildings warm and open, and builds future pathways for refugees in Greece.

With our best wishes for a Happy New Year.

The Action for Education Team