Refugee Education Chios

The education project Refugee Education Chios was launched in 2016 in response to the desperate condition of refugees on the island of Chios – a critical bottleneck on the road of flight to Europe. While the refugees were worn out by insecurity about their future, nontransparent asylum procedures and deplorable conditions in the camps, we witnessed a great need amongst the children for a daily structure, possibilities to learn and regular social interaction.

Formerly run by Be Aware and Share, the project transferred hands in January 2018 and is currently operated by Action for EducationOur ethos is to provide a safe space for teenagers and young adults, and to offer non-formal education opportunities. Through careful guidance in learning, social interaction and common activities we support individuals in continuing to grow developmentally outside of the daily struggles in the camp.


High School

The High School provides English language and project-based learning to over 120 teenagers every week. We aim to create an inclusive environment, ensuring all levels and abilities are catered for. Through English lessons and a diverse curriculum of culture and project lessons, as well as art, music and photography the immense creativity of these young people will not be lost.


Youth Centre

The Youth Centre is a safe-space for over 120 youth who attend it every week. We aim to provide an environment for teenagers to develop social skills, confidence, resilience, hobbies and most importantly an escape from the horrific conditions of the refugee camps. In this space our participants learn to create a community that is shaped by trust and respect.


outreach & events

Our efforts are also focused on creating meaningful and enriching opportunities for our students and local community to come together. We work to achieve this through frequent programmes of excursions and events, in the city, camp and around the island of Chios. We believe facilitating social interactions and learning opportunities is a long-term solution to sustainable integration and tolerance.





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