The Nest, Samos

Action For Education, in partnership with PILA, has opened a dedicated space for children aged 2 - 7 and their parents on the island of Samos, Greece. A safe, calm space for young refugee children, The Nest is a refuge from the harsh realities of camp life. A place where children can be children.

All children need safe spaces to learn and grow, but perhaps no group of children more so than those fleeing war-torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Congo, Myanmar, and Angola. The Greek island of Samos lies just over a mile from the coast of Turkey, making it a major entry point for smugglers who crowd men, women and children into rafts that are often not seaworthy. 


The hotspot camp on Samos has capacity for just 650 asylum seekers, yet currently holds more than 4000. The conditions experienced by asylum seekers are despicable, living exposed to heat and cold, wild animals, and without adequate access to medical, legal, nutritional and educational support.

 The Nest is an age-appropriate, peaceful space staffed by an international coalition of teachers who are sensitive to the needs of young children. Bringing together the early years expertise of PILA, with the on-the-ground and educational focus of Action for Education, we’re working together to provide access to this safe haven for as many young children as possible.


support our work on Samos

There are many ways to support our work on Samos and stand up for refugee education. We’re always looking for experienced volunteers to join us on Samos. If you have a background in education or working with asylum seekers, find out more about applying to volunteer here.

If you can’t volunteer with us, but want to support our projects financially, please consider donating today through our Donate Page. All our projects are financed through private donations and your generosity is critical in ensuring our work with young asylum seekers continues.