Volunteer with Us

Our projects are led by energetic, dedicated and caring volunteers from around the world. Bringing a wealth of experiences, skills and qualities, they are Actors for Education in their own right. Find out more about getting involved in our projects here.



Providing functional ESL classes to hundreds of teenagers every week, our volunteer teachers are essential in fulfilling the right to education. Get in touch stating your experience or to learn more about our schools and methodology.

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youth centre workers

The Youth Centre is one of our flagship institutions, catering for the psycho-social wellbeing of 150 young adults every week. If you have experience with youth work, please get in touch to find out more.

Basic Disclosure

Since many of our students and youth centre beneficiaries are under 18, we ask everyone who volunteers with us to obtain or share information of the DBS (basic disclosure). This is a vital safeguarding measure.


We believe it's important that our volunteers are a community. Banding together helps with long hours. As such, we provide free shared accommodation in 2 city apartments for all who come. These may not be luxurious penthouses, but they are our shared home. 

Work Ethic

Volunteering with Action for Education is not voluntourism. The hours are long and the psychological demands can be high. We provide support and training throughout the process. 


For more information about volunteering, you can email us here. If you feel ready, you can apply to volunteer with us.
If you don't hold a valid basic disclosure or DBS, you can find out more about how to apply for one here.