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The past six months have seen the highest numbers of people arriving in Greece since the crisis began in 2015. Refugees are confined to the islands, causing severe overcrowding in the camps: Vial Camp in Chios is over capacity by 300%;  Samos by 900%. These conditions are dangerous, unhygienic, and leave thousands of men, women, and children sleeping in thin tents or outdoors with no shelter.


And winter is now here.


Temperatures continue to drop, and along with the chill, rain and cold threaten widespread illness. Adding to the crisis, the new Greek government is further restricting rights and access to both asylum seekers, and the NGOs assisting them.


This winter, we ask you to stand with us, and to stand in solidarity with your fellow humans.


Your support keeps our doors open, and will allow us to provide critical and dignifying services to the refugee community in the coming new year. We work every day, not just to teach English, but to build a culture of togetherness, cooperation, and acceptance. With your support, we stand together, united in a hopeful vision of peace and solidarity.


Take Action to Support Refugees. Take Action for Education. Take Action Now. 

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